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Choosing LandMark for all phases of your construction project saves time and money by reducing overhead with less project management time and paperwork. We will ensure quality work, seamlessly transition between each stage of construction and help you avoid expensive delays during the process. Our extensive lineup of equipment and expert staff allows us to self-perform all the services detailed below. When combined with our trusted subcontractor relationships, we can efficiently complete any scope of work.



Our project managers will assist you with every aspect of the demolition process, including permits, inspections and handling of hazardous materials. We have the experience and equipment to handle any residential or commercial demolition project. We can perform both total and selective demolition, interior or exterior and work effectively within tight spaces.


Our comprehensive excavating services can handle jobs of any magnitude, ranging from individual parcels to large commercial developments. Services include but are not limited to basement digging, mass excavation, trenching, tank installation and more. We have extensive experience with landscaping, pool and pond construction or restoration. We provide all disposal services and can provide the topsoil, fill or other raw material needed to finish the job right.

Land Clearing

Our land-clearing services utilize heavy equipment to haul away debris and process trees, brush and stumps. We’ve cleared the way for roads, new neighborhoods, shopping centers, golf courses and more. We minimize the environmental impact by recycling or repurposing as much material as possible. Our on-site grinding services reduce trucking and hauling needs

Earth Moving & Grading

We have the expertise needed to clear a job site completely and grade it to the exact specifications you need. We provide grading services for homeowners, general contractors, developers and more. We can help clients prepare for proper drainage, hydro-seeding and various other specifications. Our right-sized equipment gets the job done quickly and efficiently, with minimal site impacts.

Underground Utilities

Our team has the experience needed to properly meet your installation, removal and repair needs. Let us assist you with the installation of underground utilities including water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer. We know how to work within the guidelines of local municipalities and craft a properly routed plan for your site. 

Milling & Paving

Our expansive asphalt paving capabilities cover large and small-scale paving projects. Whether you need asphalt paving for highways, subdivisions, commercial parking lots or require more specialized work for driveways or go-kart tracks, we can execute for you. We perform our paving jobs while maintaining the best possible environment for the surrounding area.

Trucking & Hauling

Our experienced truck driving professionals utilize our company owned fleet of trucks to provide transport and hauling services. We offer professional hauling and trucking services for aggregate and demolition materials to and from your site. Materials include but are not limited to stone, fill, asphalt, and more. Once delivered, we’ll install and spread as needed to complete your project. Our removal services can deliver material to another site or one of the many local recycling centers. Our truck and trailer fleet consists of dump trucks, lowboys, dump trailers, flatbed trailers, walking floors and more.

Heavy Equipment Rentals

We provide the heavy equipment rentals you need for any job. Our large fleet of heavy equipment and experienced operators can efficiently execute on projects of any size. Whether you need an emergency repair, materials moved or any site work; we’ve got you covered in a cost effective way.

Screening & Crushing

We provide on-site mobile crushing and screening services for recycling facilities and various residential or commercial projects. We can bring our mobile concrete crusher directly to your site and can crush and recycle all concrete, brick and millings to reuse as raw material on your site. Processing, screening and crushing existing material on-site eliminates unnecessary transportation costs. The recycled product may be used on the current project at hand or transported and stored for future work.

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